Monday, March 28, 2016

Welcome to little Tali travels.

Hi, my name is Tali. I am a small rat terrier mix dog that was adopted by the best 2 persons in the world.
I decided to start a blog to tell the adventures that I have been experiencing lately and the more that will sure follow. I am currently passing through France but I decided to start at the beginning.
This is how my journey starts from California in the U.S. to and across Europe.

I will start with the preparations to get to Europe. There were many and it wasn't that complicated, at least for me, but for my persons seamed trickier, but hopefully this helps out the next doggie travelers that want to cross that big pond called Atlantic ocean.

First I had to go to my least favorite place in the world, the veterinarian. Not only did they had to put a new "microchip" but I had to have the rabies vaccine again,
In the US they use a different microchip system than in Europe and that is why I had to have a new one. And because the vaccine had to be recorded on the new one, I had to have the rabies vaccine again. :(. which I had an allergic reaction to it. It wasn't fun but in exchange I got lots of love and treats from my persons. 

I also got a new crate. Huge, a little too big for me but seamed that it was required by the airline people. If you want to take a look at the actual model you can click on the links at the bottom. The requirements are pretty crazy. It has to be rigid, it has to be ventilated on all sides, the door it has have this specific locking mechanism. But the most important thing was that when I stand up in it there has to be 3 inches above my head. So because I have really long legs that require me to have a huge crate, way bigger than needed
They sell them at Petco, one of my favorite stores because there are so many things for me, toys, treats, food, etc. 

My persons did all these prepurations and gathered a bunch of paperwork with fancy stamps so I could fly with them and be with them in their European adventure. That is how much they love me.
Here is a list of what they got in case you are interested. This only applies for the UK. A very important thing was to double check with USA APHIs to see if your vet is actually certified.
- Veterinarian certificate (which then you take to APHIS office or send it)
- rabies vaccine
-chip with new rabies

On my next post I will tell you about the crazy experience my persons call flying.

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