Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Flying and first Park in Europe.

Hi again. Finally traveling day arrived. Sadly my persons and I are flying on different planes but they promised me lots of treats when we reunite in the land called England. I flew on a plane called United airlines, supposedly they deal with doggies like me all the time, they even transport cats, my sworn enemies.

You can see me right before I was separated from my persons.
From then on I was put into my huge crate and hung out with other doggies on other crates. The ride to "England" was nothing special, they just loaded me into a plane and 10 and a half hours later I arrived. I have problems going to the bathroom in places other than grass so I held it in all the time until finally they let me and the other doggies out. Phew

After a bit of time of waiting, my persons finally arrived. They looked like they haven't seen me in ages but for me it felt pretty quick. I've heard my kind has problems with time purception.

Finally I got to see my first park in England and it was glorious. It was hard getting there. I have never ridden a subway. I am used to cars and I can roll down the window to smell everything. Here in England I am allowed in a lot of places. Riding the underground was tricky because I am constantly reminded that I have to Mind the Gap, whatever that means. In the end, we made it to my first English park. Victoria park was the one and it was amazing. Unlike in the US I can run around without a leash anywhere. And the parks here are huge and my persons told me there are even bigger parks than this one. I'm looking forward to that.

Next.  Doggie heaven.

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