Wednesday, June 1, 2016

France: part 2. Red pandas and castles.

After Paris we arrived to a beautiful city. Lyon. It has officially the best park in the world. It was so awesome by people took me there twice. It has beautiful grassy areas for me to run, it had lots if pigeons for me to chase and it also has a zoo I could go in. I have never been in a zoo, so this was very new to me. The first animal I saw was a giraffe, it was one of the strangest animals I've ever seen. We saw plenty more animals, crocodiles, rhinos, monkeys, etc. But the one that my people loved the most, coming close to second after me of course was the red panda. I have to admit they are very cute. My people went bananas, as they say, for them. 

Also in Lyon I had my first doggy sitter. Thanks to a site called dogbuddy my people found this really nice girl that I hung out with for a day. It was super confusing, I was very afraid I have to admit. My people leaving me with a stranger for a whole day was pretty weird but after I settled down I realize that this girl was really nice and she was super nice to me. So I had a good day after all. Of course I went bananas when my people came to pick me up, it felt like I haven't seen them for a long time.

After Lyon we went to Carcassonne and we got to roam around inside a castle. It was very pretty, needed more grassy areas but it was fun. Not everyday as a doggie you get to roam around a castle

Up next, Barcelona. Samosas in the park.

Monday, May 30, 2016

France: part 1

My very first night in France was great. My people and I arrived to a city called Calais. We were there for one night but they allowed me in to this very nice, cozy crepe place. My people struggled to ask the lady if I could come in, but pointing at me and putting a confused face did the trick.
After that we went to Paris. It was quite the city, so many doggies with such different accents. Yes, we dogs have accents and vary from place to place. 

In Paris I got to visit many parks and I enjoyed some cafe creme and croissants.
Sadly we didn't do much because one of my people got sick and she also fell down the stairs and she almost landed on me. I was very worried because ir was a may fall but all was good after some rest.
Riding the metro in Paris was pretty simple, I am getting better at it. I still get kinda nervous when I see the metro  arrive but I will master my fear one day.

Next up, Lyon and Carcassonne, red pandas and castles. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

British doggie heaven.

There is this awesome place in London called Hamsted Heath and it is an enormous park with wild areas and lots of places for me to run and tumble in the grass. Not only the park was great but I got fancy meals for free for breakfast from this place called Jamies. You can see me lick my whiskers and wanting more in the pictures.
I love that in the England I can roam around free without a leash in parks. I love that I get to hang out more with my people because they allow me in pubs. It was unusual the first time I enter one of those. Everyone is drinking something called beer and the pubs are all cool and old looking. Everywhere I go I am a novelty but in England they are friendlier to doggies and that is why they allowed me in lots of places.
As you can see I got very muddy in some of the pictures.

Here are just some of my pics at pubs, in parks, at Oxford, etc.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Flying and first Park in Europe.

Hi again. Finally traveling day arrived. Sadly my persons and I are flying on different planes but they promised me lots of treats when we reunite in the land called England. I flew on a plane called United airlines, supposedly they deal with doggies like me all the time, they even transport cats, my sworn enemies.

You can see me right before I was separated from my persons.
From then on I was put into my huge crate and hung out with other doggies on other crates. The ride to "England" was nothing special, they just loaded me into a plane and 10 and a half hours later I arrived. I have problems going to the bathroom in places other than grass so I held it in all the time until finally they let me and the other doggies out. Phew

After a bit of time of waiting, my persons finally arrived. They looked like they haven't seen me in ages but for me it felt pretty quick. I've heard my kind has problems with time purception.

Finally I got to see my first park in England and it was glorious. It was hard getting there. I have never ridden a subway. I am used to cars and I can roll down the window to smell everything. Here in England I am allowed in a lot of places. Riding the underground was tricky because I am constantly reminded that I have to Mind the Gap, whatever that means. In the end, we made it to my first English park. Victoria park was the one and it was amazing. Unlike in the US I can run around without a leash anywhere. And the parks here are huge and my persons told me there are even bigger parks than this one. I'm looking forward to that.

Next.  Doggie heaven.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Welcome to little Tali travels.

Hi, my name is Tali. I am a small rat terrier mix dog that was adopted by the best 2 persons in the world.
I decided to start a blog to tell the adventures that I have been experiencing lately and the more that will sure follow. I am currently passing through France but I decided to start at the beginning.
This is how my journey starts from California in the U.S. to and across Europe.

I will start with the preparations to get to Europe. There were many and it wasn't that complicated, at least for me, but for my persons seamed trickier, but hopefully this helps out the next doggie travelers that want to cross that big pond called Atlantic ocean.

First I had to go to my least favorite place in the world, the veterinarian. Not only did they had to put a new "microchip" but I had to have the rabies vaccine again,
In the US they use a different microchip system than in Europe and that is why I had to have a new one. And because the vaccine had to be recorded on the new one, I had to have the rabies vaccine again. :(. which I had an allergic reaction to it. It wasn't fun but in exchange I got lots of love and treats from my persons. 

I also got a new crate. Huge, a little too big for me but seamed that it was required by the airline people. If you want to take a look at the actual model you can click on the links at the bottom. The requirements are pretty crazy. It has to be rigid, it has to be ventilated on all sides, the door it has have this specific locking mechanism. But the most important thing was that when I stand up in it there has to be 3 inches above my head. So because I have really long legs that require me to have a huge crate, way bigger than needed
They sell them at Petco, one of my favorite stores because there are so many things for me, toys, treats, food, etc. 

My persons did all these prepurations and gathered a bunch of paperwork with fancy stamps so I could fly with them and be with them in their European adventure. That is how much they love me.
Here is a list of what they got in case you are interested. This only applies for the UK. A very important thing was to double check with USA APHIs to see if your vet is actually certified.
- Veterinarian certificate (which then you take to APHIS office or send it)
- rabies vaccine
-chip with new rabies

On my next post I will tell you about the crazy experience my persons call flying.