Monday, May 30, 2016

France: part 1

My very first night in France was great. My people and I arrived to a city called Calais. We were there for one night but they allowed me in to this very nice, cozy crepe place. My people struggled to ask the lady if I could come in, but pointing at me and putting a confused face did the trick.
After that we went to Paris. It was quite the city, so many doggies with such different accents. Yes, we dogs have accents and vary from place to place. 

In Paris I got to visit many parks and I enjoyed some cafe creme and croissants.
Sadly we didn't do much because one of my people got sick and she also fell down the stairs and she almost landed on me. I was very worried because ir was a may fall but all was good after some rest.
Riding the metro in Paris was pretty simple, I am getting better at it. I still get kinda nervous when I see the metro  arrive but I will master my fear one day.

Next up, Lyon and Carcassonne, red pandas and castles. 

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