Wednesday, June 1, 2016

France: part 2. Red pandas and castles.

After Paris we arrived to a beautiful city. Lyon. It has officially the best park in the world. It was so awesome by people took me there twice. It has beautiful grassy areas for me to run, it had lots if pigeons for me to chase and it also has a zoo I could go in. I have never been in a zoo, so this was very new to me. The first animal I saw was a giraffe, it was one of the strangest animals I've ever seen. We saw plenty more animals, crocodiles, rhinos, monkeys, etc. But the one that my people loved the most, coming close to second after me of course was the red panda. I have to admit they are very cute. My people went bananas, as they say, for them. 

Also in Lyon I had my first doggy sitter. Thanks to a site called dogbuddy my people found this really nice girl that I hung out with for a day. It was super confusing, I was very afraid I have to admit. My people leaving me with a stranger for a whole day was pretty weird but after I settled down I realize that this girl was really nice and she was super nice to me. So I had a good day after all. Of course I went bananas when my people came to pick me up, it felt like I haven't seen them for a long time.

After Lyon we went to Carcassonne and we got to roam around inside a castle. It was very pretty, needed more grassy areas but it was fun. Not everyday as a doggie you get to roam around a castle

Up next, Barcelona. Samosas in the park.

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